The BMW Electric Beamer II Guitar

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Cars + Guitars = Guitcars

Electric Beamer II Guitar
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Perhaps some of you more obsessive readers may recall just over a month ago resident writer GM Jameson had done written an editorial on the merging of VW and Fender guitars to make a Fender car. I distinctly recall by the end of the article he was jokingly (at least I think it was a joke) suggesting other companies merge to make more guitar cars.

Now here we are and I’ve found myself face to face with a fully functional guitar built out of salvaged parts from a BMW engine. Since we’ve already got our foot in the door on the rather obscure concept of merging cars and guitars it seems only natural to say something about this too.

The Electric Beamer II

Have you ever wondered what your car would sound like through your 5150? Well apparently Anibal Mistorni of AM Guitars did. While wandering the seas of our trash and his treasure (better known to us as a junk yard) he found the peculiarly shaped intake manifold from a BMW engine. After beating the manifold in a staring contest he came up with the idea of how to turn it into a guitar. Its naturally curved shape and symmetry lent itself to a good guitar shape already and with some recycled walnut from a wood floor giving it a classy and dapper look for only the most posh of guitarists to indulge in while sloshing wine around in their mouths.

While the guitar is mostly recycled parts the neck is maple that runs through the body with an ebony fretboard and a custom aluminum logo. It also uses a Gotoh hardtail bridge, Planet Waves auto-trim locking tuners, and EMG active humbuckers.

About AM Guitars

AM Guitars is probably among the more experimental of guitar builders out there. Founded by Anibal Mistorni he could probably be well described as a man with a third eye that can see how to turn random things into guitars in with such awe and finesse that even MacGyver would gaze in amazement.

Though guitars built out of abstract materials aren’t the only thing offered. He does aim his visionary sights on various woods too for his for his Harlem line, the Green Wood line, the Sequoia, and the Amadeus.

The One of a Kind Series

The One of a Kind series of AM guitars is exactly what the name implies. Guitars Mistorni has and will only build one model of. While Mistorni has expressed that all of his guitars are his works of art, it’s the One of a Kind series that really defines his style.

For example. The Gooze. Apart from having possibly the greatest model name I’ve ever seen it’s a guitar built from magnesium alloy parts from a Boeing airplane. When was the last time you looked at an airplane and thought “I’ll bet that would be nice to shred on”?

Or how about the V-Wing and Andromeda guitars? What source material could have graciously lent its remains to sculpt this guitar? Why aluminum parts from a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner of course. I could only speculate unencumbered by fact that that idea surfaced as a way to get out of having to vacuum all the time.

Other guitars fabricated have used parts from golf carts and street lights, but regardless of the source AM Guitars has set the bar in bending run of the mill objects to their will to make some of the most innovative approaches in building guitars.

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