The Guitar Strap Shifter – Change Your Strap Length Quickly

The Guitar Strap Shifter

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You know we love innovations here at Guitar-Muse. Guitarists just seem to be a really creative, problem solving bunch when they need to be.

So let us know what you think of this. It’s called the “Guitar Strap Shifter” and it spawned from the mind of one guitarist who actually needed to change the height of his guitar during a song to more comfortably switch to a solo – and then back to a rhythm part.

I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted to shift my strap during a song – but I have had that thought that it would be nice to move it up or down between songs – and obviously this device could definitely be used for that purpose as well.

Here are a few images of the Guitar Strap Shifter:

The Guitar Strap ShifterThe Guitar Strap Shifter


The concept is pretty simple, the device allows the strap to be folded under itself and then locked into place quickly, and then released again when you’re ready to go back to your lower playing position.

When you lift up on the latch – you need to also gently lift up on the neck of the guitar – this helps with the weight of the guitar, and it also allows you to get the neck in just the right position for your next bout of shredding.

I can imagine that this takes a bit of practice – it might be a bit awkward at first but hey we’re guitarists – practice is something we’re really familiar with.

If you’re a lefty – never fear, they can make you a left handed version of the Guitar Strap Shifter.

The strap shifter works with two inch wide straps, and seems pretty durable from what we’ve seen. It’s made from high strength plastic and aerospace quality stainless steel.

Here is a video of the strap shifter in action:

And here is another video that shows the strap shifter a bit more up close:

The price:

The Guitar Strap shifter comes in at around $49.99 plus shipping and handling. You can find them right here.


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