The Hyper Touch Guitar – No Strings Attached

Hyper Touch Guitar

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Hyper Touch Guitar
Hyper Touch Guitar

You’ve played guitar hero on a controller that implements buttons instead of strings. You’ve played your nephews fake toy guitar that plays cheesy riffs when a button is pushed. Though, the minds at Givingshape Design Studio have finally brought you the first real guitar with literally – no strings attached.

Enter the Hyper Touch Guitar, the brand new creation conceived by Max Battaglia. This guitar completely eliminates the use of guitar strings and a wooden fretboard, and replaces them with innovative touch screen technology. This technology allows you to change the tuning of the guitar, and even change it from a six string setup to an eight or 12 string setup at the touch of a button. I can only imagine there will be an infinite array of sounds that you can choose from as well. That’ll be interesting to see and hear.

This thing looks spaceage! As if people in 1954 thought that the sleek body design of the Fender Stratocaster looked futuristic, this touch screen axe looks light years beyond it’s time. It’s smooth contoured shape, complete with whammy bar and mirror-like finish, gives it a really stunning appeal.

This seems pretty neat, but will it sell? I can already hear the purists talking it down, and know Stevie Ray Vaughan will be rolling over in his grave. Though, there is a place for this instrument in the realm of touch-screen technology, and possibly the world of digital instrumentation. I believe that if the Hyper Touch guitar is used as an addition to a mix, and not just used primarily as a replacement for a real guitar, I think it definitely stands a chance. We’ll find out more as this piece of work nears production.

Steve Krantz is a music enthusiast that resides in St. Clair Shores, MI and plays guitar in the progressive punk quartet Day In Day Out.

For more, but limited information on the Hyper Touch Guitar, visit – (website removed from internet) 


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