The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book: A Complete History of Ibanez

The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book

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The Big Book of Ibanez

Ibanez’s entire history is about to be fully documented in a source that will go more in depth, and be infinitely more reliable, than anything Wikipedia will have to offer. Author Tony Bacon has done the research and compiled enough data to fill a book that documents the formative years of the Japan-based company to the now legendary name in the industry and all the ups and downs that happened along the way.

If there was ever a question one could have to ask about Ibanez it stands probably the best chance of being answered here than anywhere else. And it will probably be delivered more interestingly. Besides. What feels better in the hands than a good book? Aside from guitars… and boobies.

The Book

The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book
The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book

The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book: A Complete History of Ibanez will feature 160 pages detailing Ibanez’s entire history in paperback. The book begins with the initial challenges the company faced with a stock of abstract looking, lower end guitars that needed to be sold, and how the company gradually developed their own style

Also highlighted (and in some cases interviewed) are the various guitarists like Steve Vai (who with Ibanez introduced the first electric 7-string guitar: the Universe), Joe Striani, Paul Gilbert, John Scofield, George Benson, and more. Guitarists who were sold on the Ibanez style and ultimately played a pivotal role in the brands quest for its own identity.

This tome of worldly Ibanez wisdom will also include pictures of nearly every guitar Ibanez has produced since day 1 from the models that hearken back to their origins in the 30s, to the copies of various other models, to their wide range of signature models (probably including the Jem, the JS Series, the Korn guitars, and more), and pretty much everything else. ¬†With over 80 years in the industry under their belt, there’s no doubt Ibanez has accrued some interesting stories worth hearing, and it looks the Ibanez Electric Guitar Book is going to be the place to find out.

The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book is scheduled for release on June 25th and will cost $14.75 on, and approximately the same price from other retailers like Barnes and Noble.

About Tony Bacon

Tony Bacon (not to be confused with the professional foosball player) hails from Bristol England and has established a career writing about musical instruments (mostly the guitar), various musicians, and pretty much music in general. His career began with his first book Rock Hardware being published in 1981 and since then he has had his hand in dozens of books. Some of his more famous works include The Ultimate Guitar Book, Million Dollar Les Paul, Totally Guitar, The Fender Book, The Gibson Les Paul Book, and London Live. His career is developed itself around the growth of the guitar, and it’s safe to say that if anyone knows where the guitar’s been it’s Tony Bacon.

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Wayne Clark
Wayne Clark
9 years ago

Guess I’ll have to buy this book. I have a Cort acoustic that I can’t find a model # for & have posted pictures on the Cort website & FB page, asking for help identifying it but to no avail. Surely, it’s not that difficult for a “maker” to ID their product.

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