The Minicorda Travel Nylon Acoustic Guitar

Minicorda Travel Acoustic Guitar

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Coming To A Suitcase Near You

Traveling with guitars sure can be stressful. You have to worry about terrible things happening to them, and they will count as one of your carry-on items anyway.

Recently I can remember a few artists who had disasters flying with instruments. Dominic Miller comes to mind right off the bat – he had a Les Paul that was damaged in flight, and last I heard he never really got any action back from the airline.

This is solely coming from my memory (the danger zone, we call it) so I may not be completely accurate about that story, but I think I remember him talking about it on twitter

I think also he had one temporarily lost by American Airlines.

Anyway, he’s not the only one, plenty of other guitarists have had stolen or damaged guitars while traveling.

Smaller guitars – travel guitars – solve exactly this problem.

Enter The MiniCorda

The Minicorda came to life out of the imaginations of two friends, both guitarists, Augusto Filocamo and Diego Spina. They thought it would be cool to have a one-piece guitar that didn’t have to be assembled, unfolded, etc., but small enough to fit inside a suitcase, or even a backpack.

25 prototypes, a 3-d printer, and a heck of a lot of ingenuity later, the Minicorda was born.

This little gem sure is beautiful. And small.

Coming in at 19 inches, which is just half the size of a standard guitar, it’ll go anywhere.

But how does it sound? Turns out, pretty good. The Minicorda has a patented hollow neck design that maximizes the vibrations to come close to the sound of a regular acoustic guitar.


It’s made of polymers (high quality plastic, basically), over an aluminum frame. 65% of this guitar is made of recycled materials.

Filacamo and Spina had to experiment with many different materials and designs to get everything just right – a process that was much shorter than it would have been with a regular guitar, since they were really only dealing with a “neck piece”.

Notably, the strings are a bit different – a standard nylon set, but the first string is the Minicorda’s 2nd, and so fourth.

Price: $270

Not a bad deal at all for something that sounds, plays and looks like this!

Check out this video for more details, and less words:

Shipping is free, worldwide. Really sounds like a bargain to me! If you’d like to get one, you can find them here.

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