The New Line 6 DT25 Amps Have Set Sail

Line 6 DT25 Amp Family

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Line 6 DT25 Amp Family
DT25 Family


We interrupt this boring report on something you probably wouldn’t care about anyway with breaking news.

Line 6’s new line of DT25 amps are on their way to the retailers every which way and will be available in X amount of time to the general public. My windows just broke (y’know… because it’s breaking news… oh forget it).

By the powers of Reinhold Bogner and the mad scientists of Line 6 combined they have added their own natural brand of zazz to boutique-styled amps with the DT25 line which includes the 112 combo amp, the DT25 head, and the DT25 extension cabinet.

With the DT25 line you have more customization options at your fingertips than any one man should be trusted with. The amp offers four selectable analog tube components divided into two toggle switches. The operating class switch gives you the flexability to switch between Class A, which runs at 10 watts and is cathode biased, for an open, lively, and dynamic sound, or Class AB, which runs at 25 watts and is fixed biased, for offers complex distortions, and easier cleans and power high-gain tones.

The other analog toggle switch controls the power tube mode. Pentode will make your signal bigger, louder, and clearer, while triode keeps it more quiet, rounder, and darker, while retaining a more vintage sound.

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The DT25 also offers four separate amp voicings on one 4-way toggle switch labeled in Roman numbers “I, II, III, IV”. Voicing I is labeled Classic American Clean and offers a lot of negative feedback to keep the sound tighter like the American cleans of the 60s. Voicing II, the British Crunch, has a medium proportion of negative feedback to keep the tone looser. Voicing III, Class A Chime, has absolutely zilch for negative feedback and has an open and dynamic feel to it. Voicing IV, the Modern High-Gain, has a crapload of negative feedback with a bonus low-frequency resonance added in for good measure because Line 6 loves you.

While the amp itself has the potential for 25 watts at the most the HD modeling preamp you can still harness the feel of 50 and 100 watt amps because you are no longer restrained by what the power tubes need to use. To add to it all of this sound comes booming through a 12″ Celestion G12H-90 speaker.

Also a 25 watt tube amp is lighter than a 100 watt tube amp. Your back will thank you for that.

The DT25 also offers two tweakable channels so you too can dial into your top two favorite tones and switch back and forth on a whim so you too can mix and match your tones.

As far as connections are concerned it’s all pretty straight forward. The head and combo amp both have the same options. You can have up to two 4-ohm, two 8-ohm, or one 16-ohm out. The DT25 also offers cabinet-simulation so you can plug the amp directly into a PA system, mixer, audio interface, a POD even, or whatever else you can plug an XLR cable into and you can still simulate the sound of the miced amp. You can toggle a ground-lift switch to annihilate any humming or buzzing that might stand to drive you nuts. MIDI in, out, and thru is available as is Line 6’s famous L6 LINK jack.

With the L6 LINK you can plug into your POD HD pedal or the POD HD Pro (when you inevitably get one of course). With that as you tweak amp settings on the pedal the amp itself will automatically tweak itself to enhance the Line 6 experience, though you can still toy around with the settings from there to better make your dream become a reality.

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