The Return Of Ampeg Guitar Amps

GVT52-112 Ampeg Guitar Amp

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It’s been since the 70’s that you could purchase an Ampeg guitar amp, and now they’re shipping in North America. As a long time Ampeg fan, this is really exciting news for me and many others.

The line comes in an assortment of wattages and combinations, so here’s a little about each.

They all offer the same great tube sound as well as a solid state rectifier.

Ampeg is offering 4 Combo amps, two heads, and two cabinets.

“We’ve been touring around all summer with our GVT amps,” remarks Ampeg’s Director of Amplification, Pyotr Belov. “The response has been overwhelming. We’ve even setup a select network of GVT Platinum Dealers ready to show you through this amazing line of tube guitar amps.”

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Ampeg Combo Guitar Amps


GVT5-110 5 Watt Amp with a 10 inch speaker

This comes with dual power modes (5W RMS or half – 2.5W), volume, treble and bass controls, 12ax7 preamp tubes, 6v6GT Power section, Speaker outs and a 10 inch Celestion.

GVT15-112 15 Watt Amp with 12 inch speaker

Also has dual power at 15W and 7.5W, but comes with a 12 inch Celestion. You’ve got gain, treble, mid, bass, volume and reverb on this unit as well. Same tubes as the GVT5-110. Also included is footswitchable reverb and an effects loop.

GVT52-112 50 Watt Amp with 1×12 speaker

The GVT52-112 cranks things up a little more in the power section running at a dual 50W/25W. It offers dual channels as well with a footswitchable gain booster. Same tubes as the two above, 12ax7 preamp tubes, 6v6GT Power section. You have a spring reverb and a footswitch for it, and of you want, you can get a dual footswitch to control the reverb and effects loop.

GVT52-212 50 Watt Amp with 2×12 speakers

This is the same as the above GVT52-112 only with two 12 inch Celestions to bring down the walls with.

Ampeg Guitar Amp Heads


GVT5H 5 Watt Tube Head

This little guy performs pretty well despite the small size and 5 watts. Dual power (5W/2.5W), treble bass and volume controls. Speaker outs: 1 x 16 ohm, 2 x 8 ohm, and 2 x 4 ohm.

GVT15H 15 Watt Tube Head

Same as the GVT5H above, only offering more dual wattage – 15W and 7.5W, footswitchable spring reverb and effects loop. Also added are mids to the EQ and gain and reverb controls.

Ampeg Guitar Amp Cabinets


GVT112E and GVT112EW 1×12 Speaker Cabinets.

Both cabinets have 1×12 Celestions. It appears that the main difference the GVT112EW offers is the “double baffle design”, and its a bit wider – 24×16, compared to the GVT112E’s 18×16 width. Both of them will handle 60 watts RMS at 16 ohms. Perfect matches for any of the combos or heads listed above.

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