The Adventure of the Taylor K28e First Edition Acoustic

This is not a typical article on Taylor Grand Orchestra guitars. This is a call to save the world from certain doom. The hero, the only one that can stop this unknown menace is a seemingly innocent Taylor acoustic guitar. Its warm, resonant tone has the power to instill fear in all who dare stand in its way. Its silky playability will swoon all the ladies. Its vibrant low-end sound will make the ground rumble beneath our feet as it fights off the evils of the tonal Hindenburgs of the world.

It is…

The K28e First Edition Grand Orchestra Acoustic

K28e Grand Orchestra

K28e Grand Orchestra

Most heroes that save worlds wear capes, uniforms, or a snappy pair of underpants. The K28e hits the streets and struts the catwalk with a Shaded Edgeburst finish to conceal its Hawaiian koa neck and body, for a sound that crosses the strength of mahogany and the chime of rosewood; between the weight and the large Grand Orchestra shape the K28e will give you a nice, strong sustained sound.

And just like any hero worth having to save the world for us, the K28e has its own sense of style. Where Superman has his trademark “S” the K28e has the luxurious vine-like inlay up and down the blackwood fretboard. For its bravery, this guitar has been decorated with a set of Gotoh 510 antique gold tuners (gold with black buttons is also an option).

Though if a guitar like this is up your alley you may not want to sit on the fence for too long. The K28e First Edition is limited to 100 guitars. Each guitar will feature a custom label and case plate and, upon registering the guitar, the owner will receive a custom GO First Edition guitar strap, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and a commemorative booklet.

Mind you that’s just for the First Editions. Taylor has already announced eventually the K28e will join ranks with the rest of the Koa Series as a standard model.

The Expression System

K28e First Edition

K28e First Edition

Of course what would any hero be without a utility belt? The K28e comes armed with Taylor’s own Expression System. The Expression System is a whole set of on-board acoustic pickups and and preamp to get the richest, warmest, authentic acoustic tone possible when plugged into an amp. It’s an all-magnet pickup system that cuts out complicated controls and tone simulators.

The Expression System uses what Taylor calls a Dynamic Body Sensor mounted to the soundboard, and a Dynamic String Sensor mounted under the fretboard.

The Grand Orchestra

The K28e is among the newest in Taylor’s recently introduced Grand Orchestra body style. It is a legion of guitars designed to have a big body that can bellow out with incontestable strength and power. Other models that have been announced include the 918e, the 618e, and the 518e.

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