Three New Joe Satriani Signature Ibanez Guitars – The JS24PCA, JSA20, and JSA5


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Three New Satriani Guitars – Collect Them All

Joe Satriani’s newly released album Unstoppable Momentum isn’t the only thing he has to show off. Recently the Satchinator spoke up about three signature guitars soon to be released. He went into detail about construction concerns and the many specs and details that went into creating guitars suitable for his own branding. With that he introduced the JS24PCA electric and the JSA20 and JSA5 acoustic guitars.

Let’s hit the electric first.



The incentive that precipitated the building of the JSA24PCA came from the desire to build a more affordable alternative to the JS guitar line, but Satch made it clear that it couldn’t just be a watered down guitar that just had the same body and his initials on it. It had to be something he would willingly play himself. So because of that he and the staff at Ibanez put heads together and wrought this.

The body is made of basswood with a three piece maple neck and a bubinga stripe, and it’s decked out with a rosewood fretboard. Ibanez’s Edge tremolo bridge is built in and features an ultralite arm in an effort to appease Satriani and other fellow wham-aholics. In the wonderful world of pickups the neck is loaded with a DiMarzio Chopper rail humbucker while the bridge is fitted with a DiMarzio Mo’Joe humbucker.

It’s finished in Candy Apple Red and the volume and tone knobs are equipped with a hi-pass filter and a coil-tap respectively. It holds a list price of $1,866.65.

The JSA20 and JSA5


The two acoustic models share some similarities, but are different enough to have their own style and sound.

The JSA20, for example, as an Engleman spruce top with solid rosewood for the back and sides. On the mahogany neck rests an ebony fretboard, which not coincidentally is the same wood for the bridge. The necks were an exceptional concern to Satch as he wanted something that had as similar a feel to his electrics as possible, so his transition back and forth would be seamless. Especially in a live setting.

The JSA20 has a set of Grover tuners, a tusq nut and saddle, and abalone rosette body binding. But the really snappy details come from the electronics. Included is a Fishman acoustic Matrix pickup alongside a Fishman Aura Pro Preamp and an onboard tuner. The Aura Pro Preamp, interestingly enough, features presets made by Joe Satriani himself, so right out of the box you have access to his own custom tweaked preferences.

The JSA5 uses the same Engleman spruce top, but uses mahogany for the back and sides. Couple that with the mahogany neck that rocks a rosewood fretboard and bridge, and you’ve got an acoustic designed to get a nice, rich and warm tone. Still used is the Grover tuners, but the tusq is replaced with Ibanez Ivorex II for the nut and saddle. For the electronics a Fishman Sonicore pickup is used with a Fishman Presys preamp, and an onboard tuner.

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