Three Things We Can Learn From Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

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Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck

There are actually about 3,000 things we can learn from Jeff Beck.

I chose these two videos because I felt like they show off three of the traits I love most in his guitar work – his precise control, his exact intention, and his feel.

His “control” – Watch how he is using his right hand. He is picking with his thumb, and his middle fingers are constantly on the whammy bar for everything from dives to almostĀ imperceptible flutters.

We know Jeff Beck doesn’t have a lazy finger on his body, so the pinky is kept busy too – almost constantly adjusting the volume – again, to varying degrees.

His “intention” – Every note, chord, squeal, pop and dive sounds like it was done on purpose, and was executed perfectly, and in flawless time. Intention is something that I think many guitar players are missing.

It’s not really about planning everything out – intention is more about being in tune enough with your feel to know what and how the next note is played, and being able to act quickly enough to make it happen. Intention happens in 2 or 3 second chunks. It’s what makes great phrasing.

His feel – You can tell he is having a great time doing what he’s doing, and he does it in such a way that you can feel the emotion behind what he is playing. Some guitarists can just throw themselves into a song to where – again, they’re in the moment – not thinking about the next solo or chorus, rather the next 6 or 8 notes. Playing in the moment.

So lets watch these vids!

Jeff Beck – A day in the Life

Jeff Beck – Big Block

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