Tune Your Guitar Automatically With The New Roadie Tuner

Roadie Tuner

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For beginner guitar players, tuning is a chore. Even for pros, tuning takes time and can hinder spontaneous, creative moments. Well now there’s an app for that, and a cool new tech toy! Introducing the Roadie Tuner: a handheld, bluetooth device that can tune any guitar automatically.

How It Works

Roadie TunerRoadie works by connecting to any iOS or Android phone or tablet via bluetooth. Using the the free tuner app, your mobile device acts as the ears of Roadie. Just stick the device’s motorized grip on one of your one of your guitar’s machine heads, pluck the string and Roadie does the rest.

Reportedly 3 times more accurate than the human ear, Roadie can tune up your guitar in just a few seconds. After each use, it gets smarter too, learning the nuances of your guitar and improving performance.

The microphone on your mobile device is what picks up the sound of your strings, and the app is smart enough to ignore extraneous noises. However, for even better accuracy in noisy environments, the app supports the use of an optional electric guitar adapter.

An LED light on top of the tuner acts as a type of status indicator. During string adjustment, the light glows green. Once the string is to pitch, the light glows blue. If the light glows red, then you’ve done something wrong like pluck the wrong string.

Extra Features

Using a smartphone or tablet as the brains of the operation really helps extend the Roadie beyond the functions of any normal guitar tuner. The app allows you to set up a multitude of custom and alternate tuning profiles. It also has an Instrument Doctor, which monitors the elasticity of your strings and tells you when it’s time for a new set. When the time does come for you to change those worn out strings, the Roadie tuner has a total unwind / wind function.

The handheld device’s battery is rechargeable via a USB connection and should be good for about 6,000 string tunings on one charge. That should tune a heck of a lot of guitars.

How To Get Yours

The Roadie tuner has spent about 2 years in R&D development with input from pros and amateur guitar players alike. It’s a well designed tool but like any new product, the designers need to raise money for the first run of production. To do that, Band Industries, the creators of the Roadie Tuner, are holding a Kickstarter campaign that will run until January 4th 2014. A contribution of $79 will secure your pre-order amongst the first run of Roadie Tuners. This is a pretty good deal considering the retail price is aiming to be $99.

The Kickstarter campaign has already far exceeded its goal of $60,000, so things are looking good for Roadie to meet it’s estimated delivery date of June 2014.

Get The Free App

Even if you’re not quite ready to fork over your hard earned money, you should take advantage of the free Roadie Tuner App, which is already available for iOS users to download. I’ve tried the app myself and it’s great. It has a simple design, it’s extremely accurate and is not easily thrown off by background noise. It certainly blows away all the other free tuner apps I’ve tried. If the free app is any indication, Roadie should prove to be one awesome guitar tuner!

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