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ushipuShip, which declares itself to be “the world’s largest and most trusted transportation marketplace” is an eCommerce company offering worldwide shipping services to individuals and businesses for a multitude of goods, including guitar shipping.

The shipping services presented on its website come from a variety of third parties, unrelated to the uShip company.

As the marketplace operator, uShip hosts all transactions although it doesn’t actually do the shipping.

The company

Formed in 2004, is a privately owned corporation based in Austin, Texas and headquartered across the Atlantic, in Amsterdam.

The uShip site offers a bit of its history:

As CEO and Founder Matt Chasen was moving from Seattle to Texas, his mother had been struggling to move a dresser from Ohio to Texas. When Matt arrived to pick up the 9-foot van he ordered, it was sold out, leaving him with a 20-foot truck. As he drove the virtually empty truck to Texas, he wondered if there may be someone in a similar situation in Ohio with enough room to bring home his mother’s dresser. Matt continued to tinker with the idea over the coming year, and when he arrived at the University of Texas, he eventually joined with fellow business school students Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap. The three further developed the business plan to take advantage of all these empty trucks to make shipping more affordable.

A photograph of the three executives of uShip and their messages are visible on the website.

Guitar services

uShip is not in the guitar shipping business; however, if you have an instrument to move, the company most likely can find a delivery service for it.

There are four easy steps:

  • List your move by submitting an email address, the weight of your package in pounds, the zip codes for the origin and destination.
  • Responding bids then come in from different service providers by way of the uShip site.
  • Choose the bid you want to go with.
  • Type your instructions in the corresponding box.

Customers who have chosen uShip for transporting their guitars have made use of the Special Care sub-category description on the site when moving their instruments; this tells uShip that extraordinary care will be required.

Miscellaneous services

uShip has an eBay shipping center, package tracking, green shipping and telephone alerts in the case of transport delays. Cargo insurance is not available from uShip but can generally be purchased from the service provider. uShip may reimburse customers up to $500 for services not rendered or refunded by a third party shipper.


In order to obtain the costs for shipping, specific information is required. As a result, general pricing is difficult to gauge. Plus, each mover will set its own rate. The site does, nevertheless, offer customer reviews. In one instance, an individual shipped four guitars from Woodstown, New Jersey to San Diego, California, noting the Special Care item description, for a total cost of $220.00.

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