Video: Greg Koch Teaches Hendrix Bends, Right Hand Picking & Finger-picking

Greg Koch - Guitar Lesson

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A quick video lesson from Greg Koch

Greg Koch is an amazing performer & instructor. In fact, those are two things that he basically does for a living. As we learned in our interview with Greg, he stays pretty busy doing guitar clinics for Fender, playing live gigs, writing books, releasing CDs, and pretty much anything that involves setting fire to one of his trusty Fenders.

Deemed a “Bad-ass Guit-picker” by Fender, any time you can spend absorbing his knowledge is time well spent. Which brings us to the video …

In this video, we’ve got Greg partway through a lesson, and he starts off showing how to do a “Hendrix bend”, and a little of where to go from there. After that, he goes into some pretty intense right hand technique, including “chicken picking” (and combining that with the blues – interesting topic), followed by a little about how he learned sweep picking from Chet Atkins. Yup, that’s right – Chet Atkins.

What Greg Koch has been up to

As I said earlier, Greg is a great teacher – not only because of his complete understanding of the guitar, but also because he’s fun to watch – he’s got a great sense of humor, and is an absolute thrill to hear playing.

Starting in Mid-March, Greg will be at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music doing a few clinics, and he will also have some time for a few private lessons on March 15th, and on March 16th, he’ll be doing two masterclasses that will be limited to 10 students each. So there is plenty of opportunity to get a little one on one time with Greg if you act fast!

More details on Greg’s Facebook Page.

We recommend hitting the “Like” button while you’re there as well!

If you’re in Australia, Greg will be in your neck of the woods a bit sooner. He will be at Fender’s 2013 Guitar and Amp Roadshow. This is a free show, courtesy of Fender, and might get pretty packed, so you’ll want to register as soon as you can.

The dates are March 1st through March 7th, and you can get all the details on Fender’s Australia site.

If you’re able to make it to this show, you’ll get time afterward to check out all the gear that will be featured during the show.

Greg’s Book: Guitar Gumbo

“Savory Licks, Tips, and Quips for Serious Players”

Released in July of 2012, Guitar Gumbo covers soloing, recording tips, rhythm tips, comments on songwriting, and much more. It comes with a CD so you can hear what Greg is writing about, and it’s under $20. You can find Guitar Gumbo over at Greg’s site.

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