Vote For Zakk Wylde Or Grace Potter And The Nocturnals for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Theme Song

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ESPN has been having a competition to come up with the next version of their “Baseball Tonight” theme song – and they’re doing it bracket style with a schedule, of course – they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Viewers and website visitors have been voting all the way and now it’s come down to the championship round, between Zakk Wylde and Grace Potter And The Nocturnals.

So take a listen yourself and see who you think nails it this time. I certainly do have an opinion, but I wont say anything just yet.


Ok, maybe I will. I think Grace Potter and the Nocturnals nailed it on this one. This is from a standpoint of trying to imagine it playing on a sports network as well as the fact that they clearly put more thought and effort into it.

It’s tasteful, and well done, so that’s where my vote went. In contrast, Zakk’s has no drums, no bass, and consists solely of a wall of guitars.

I love Zakk and his music and I love GPN, so I’d say I’m fairly unbiased and in my opinion this one goes to GPN, easy. Feel free to disagree with me.

A link to vote yourself is below the sound clips – you’ve got till October 13th.

Here is Zakk Wylde’s Version

ESPN’s MLB theme by Zakk Wylde by schleppy

Here is Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s version

ESPN’s MLB theme by GP & The Nocturnals by schleppy

Other competitors have been Staind, Good Charlotte, Seether, Travis Barker, J. Cole, Steve Earle, and more.
Check out the page on ESPN for more.

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