What’s Dweezil Been Getting Into?

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Dweezil Zappa
Dweezil Zappa
Dweezil Zappa

As Dweezil Zappa tours around the world he takes snippets of various songs here and there and slaps them on his site for the sake of kind of documenting his tone and style over time.  In fact he’s on tour right now and just posted a few more solos which can be found here.  They’re the ones towards the bottom.

If you haven’t checked any of this out yet then go do that right this very second.  Don’t even finish reading this article because that’s going to be more interesting than anything I have to say and also so I can get away with just making the rest of this article filler.

Of course I can’t actually get away with that.  Something about needing to have substance to our content or something.  I dunno, I try and ignore Jameson when he starts to talk about all of that serious and boring stuff.

Anyway, I’m sidetracking.  Dweezil Zappa rocks faces and while something like this might not nourish your body’s needs for higher doses of awesome it could most certainly hold you over until you have a chance to get a fix.  I’ve skimmed through a bunch of them and as far as I can tell they’re all pretty cool.  According to my default rule of thumb I wouldn’t recommend it if I thought it sucked, so go nuts.  If you listen to anything then listen to the Sam Elliot Room Service for a good laugh.

Tell him I sent you.  Literally.  There are spaces to make comments on these pages.  If you’ve read this far then comment that I sent you there or how ravishingly studly I am or about how ripped my biceps are.  Comment on every single page.

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