William Shatner and Zakk Wylde’s Iron Man Available For Streaming

William Shatner and Zakk Wylde

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William Shatner and Zakk Wylde
William Shatner and Zakk Wylde - Credit: Eric Hendrikx

Well, here’s an interesting pair.

Back in February, William Shatner and Zakk Wylde got together and recorded their own version of Black Sabbath’s Iron man, and now, right on the heels of Star Trek’s 45th anniversary – it’s available for you to hear.

Zakk Wylde certainly did make sure this song retained all it’s energy and … well, rock.

Shatner had this to say of Wylde: “He’s fantastic! I’m energized.”

And Wylde’s take on working with Shatner? “He’s super cool, we had an awesome time working together.”

The song actually sounds really good. It’s part of Shatner’s forthcoming album “Seeking Major Tom”, which is due out on October 11th.

Shatner sounds a bit like … well … we’ll let you hear it instead of me trying to weave a web of words that just won’t do it justice.

Here is the track – and the a little video of the two working together in the studio.

Revolver Mag debut William Shatner Iron man feat. Zakk Wylde by Cleopatra Records


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