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Dr. Smitchens, The Resident Physicist

Another Update: And the winner for the cyber Monday giveaway is:

Todd Phipps.  Hang loose and we’ll get in touch!

Update: Results are in – and the Black Friday winner is:

Jah’n Farthynge. We’ll get in touch with you!

We don’t sell anything here at – but that doesn’t mean we can’t participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

So we’re going to do our best to beat out Best Buy and Walmart’s best prices this year and just give you something for nothing.

We’re going to choose TWO winnersone on Friday, and one on Monday.

The prize? Any album you want that we’ve reviewed on this site.

Most of them can be found here.

We checked in with our resident physicist, The Smitchens, and he confirmed that there can be two simultaneous first place winners, provided that there are indeed two first places, and two first place prizes, even though they do not exist yet, since we don’t know which album you will eventually choose – but we’re going to leave all the calculations up to him and hope for the best.

Here’s all you have to do to win:

1. Register

Facebook Users: 

Make sure you “Like” our Facebook page, which is right here (most of you already are). Hit the like button on this page as well. 

This will allow us to track your submission.

Twitter Users:

Make sure you follow us on twitter, right here.

Hit the twitter share button on this page


Yes, you can register on both Facebook and Twitter and roughly double your odds of winning – but you can’t win twice (sorry, physics).

2. Choose

Go here, and check out some of our album reviews, and decide which one you’d like to own out the most.

3. Wait

Eat Turkey, Tofurkey, Spam, or whatever you do for Thanksgiving. If you’re not thankful for anything, email The Smitchens, and he will give you something to be thankful about.

Wait until Black Friday. See if you’re the winner.

Wait again until Cyber Monday. See if you’re the winner.

It’s that easy!

We’ll randomly select a winner on both days, and if you’re the winner, we will contact you to see what album you’ve chosen.

If possible, we’ll deliver it instantly via Amazon or iTunes. If not, we’ll have one of those old fashioned CD’s shipped out to you.

Good luck!


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