Win Steve Vai’s Evo Jem

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Steve Vai Evo Jem
This is real.
Steve Vai and His … former Evo Jem. Does he look angry?

Win Steve Vai’s Evo Jem

By: The Smitchens & Staff

That’s right.

Steve Vai’s Evo guitar.

Not some replica, but his actual guitar.

Don’t ask about how we got it or why we’re so anxious to get rid of it and rest assured this is in no way related to a group of people clad in black trespassing his real estate at 2:00 in the morning.

As it turns out, there’s really no good way to get any cash out of this guitar.

Anyway, the giveaway.  We’re fencing this thing ASAP.

Here’s how to win:

Just think of a place we can make the exchange where we won’t be bothered (everyone will be interested, we don’t need crazed fans nosing around).

Whoever happens to pick a place physically closest to us is the winner. Bring along a couple Mountain Dews, a roll of duct tape, a few yards of plastic sheeting, and about 12 running feet of carpet. Maybe a six pack of chicken soft tacos too.

We also got ahold of his stage fan so we have a gift for second place as well.

Also, don’t tell Vai about this.  He’d probably just try and win his stuff back and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone else.  Either that or he’d pull some sort of legal yell-down war hell ride on us.

Oh, and happy April 1st.

If you want to win something with less drama attached, remember to check back with us on April 2 for our really real, cool contest!



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    I would say the Colorado mountains near Colorado Springs, you could get really lost up there and the fans couldn’t find us, I’ll bring the MD

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    The nearest place I could meet you is my familly town – Cracow . We can go to the Dragon’s Cave under Wawel castle. Anyone could find us !Or maybe dragon … anyway it will be awesome to get such a great guitar. I think in Poland Steve dont have many fans , but Im a realll fan .

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