Winner of the Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler

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And the winner of the Line 6 M5 stompbox modeler just so happens to be…

(Watch this video before reading below)

Emmanuel Lucas.

Yes Emmanuel Lucas has just landed himself a new M5 pedal.  Emmanuel Lucas is better known as the Omelette Du Fromage of guitar for his ability to melt faces just like cheese with his playing.  Emmanuel is the founding member and last original member of the nine-man band Arm Fart which consists of Emmanuel (as Omelette Du Fromage) on guitars, drums, keyboards, ukulele, and the contra bass piccolo, and eight vocalists (two growlers, two shriekers, one singer, one guy that just does a bunch of ahs, one guy that just screams, and Michael Winslow).

Of course while Arm Fart had become a pop culture phenomenon since their YouTube discovery it was actually but a side project for Emmanuel as he pursued his true passion as a break dancing rodeo clown.  He actually used to run with the best of them back in the 80s as can be seen here .  Of course that was a whole different era of his life when he was better known as Shaba-du Fromage.

Nowadays his break dancing career remains his truest passion, though he’s permitted himself to be a bit more worldly as he explores the lush and intimate genre of celtic funk guitar.  On an occasion he can be spotted splicing his celtic funk performance with his break dancing routine and he actually holds the Guinness world record for the longest guitar performance while spinning on his head.

Additionally the experience will be accentuated by the Line 6 M5 that will be on his way as soon as we take care of those background details.

And to everyone else, while I wish we had an M5 for everyone it’s sadly not exactly in our budget to make that dream a reality, so the only solace I have for you is that there are more giveaways to be done and you’re automatically entered for them provided you don’t go unliking us or stop following us.  So stick around, would you kindly?

Much appreciation goes to everyone that participated.  We wouldn’t be able to do this if it weren’t for all of you, so hats off to everyone.  We also couldn’t do this without Line 6.  If their products sucked we probably wouldn’t be giving them away, but they make some good stuff, we like them, and we hope you all like them too.

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