Winner of the Line 6 POD HD Desktop!

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Line 6 POD HD Desktop Modeler
Line 6 POD HD Desktop Modeler

We’ve got a real winner here.

And who might that be?  Alex Whaley, of course.  What?  Never heard of him?  How is that possible?  Alex Whaley is a legend among men for his ability to fry eggs with his death gaze.  I know for a fact that according to rumor and hearsay Alex has a stable diet of roofing nails and battery acid.  In fact his digestive system is so strong that he never needs to dispose of his bodily refuse.  He completely digests everything he eats out of material existence.

And as of today he’s also won a Line 6 Pod HD Desktop. And rest assured that the god among men himself Inspector 6C D667 has personally inspected every microscopic facet of this piece of hardware to make sure it’s up to snuff.  So don’t go eating this thing, kiddo, lest ye wish to render the good inspector’s craft meaningless.

In addition winning – this has promoted Alex to super hero status.  Why I’d even consider hiring him as a side kick.  I’ll need a resume first, though.  Can’t just go hiring any ol’ hooligan these days.

Any who.  As for the rest of you, the reality breaks my heart, but rest assured we have many more giveaways to come so don’t go and exile us from your Facebook and Twitter accounts just yet as that’ll leave you automatically entered.  The least we can do is make it easy on you guys in future events.

We thank you all a whole bunch for participating. You guys rock faces so hard it’s like getting hit in the face with a rock.  And rocks to the face rule.

And finally – speaking of folks that rock, how could we have a Line 6 Contest without Line 6?

These guys make amazing products, and they’re really what this contest was all about. We always have a great time working with Line 6 and a really hard time packing these products up and sending them away to the winners. But, that’s the life we’ve chosen.

Oh, and Alex, we’ll be in touch with you to work out the details of getting this killer piece of equipment in your hands.

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11 years ago

Congrats man

11 years ago

Congrats bubba

11 years ago

Congrats dude

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