zZounds Expands Play As You Pay To 8 Payments

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This deal has been discontinued – but check out the New 10 Payment plan!

Let’s face it – not all of us can buy all the gear we want, when we want. Especially since so many musicians happen to be starving. zZounds to the rescue, it seems.

If you need some gear or a new guitar, and the “now” factor is sooner than your cash flow allows, read on!

We normally don’t talk much about the music gear outlets, we figure that’s up to you to decide, but this deal from zZounds might just be something to consider. As a writer/editor who frequently writes/edits stories about gear that I can’t even afford, this certainly does seem like it can open some doors for a lot of people.

Here’s the skinny on the deal.

For quite some time now, zZounds has offered the “Play as you Pay” program with 4 payments on anything over $249. This is still a valid deal, and you can select this option on most any items at checkout. They charge a small service fee for the service, nothing too bad, $4 – $18 depending on if you choose 8 payments or 4, and the final price of your purchase.

There’s no interest, and it doesn’t show as revolving credit on your credit report.

Now, the 4 payment plan is good for almost every purchase over $249.

The new 8 payment plan has to be a purchase over $500 and it’s only certain items. Here is a link to all the items included:

zZsounds full listing of 8-payment products.

Not all products over $500 are eligible – but the above link will take you to the listing. Once there, you can add search terms into the search box (leave the 8pay keyword there) and narrow your search down.

There are over 1000 products eligible for this plan, and I’m not sure how long zZounds intends to keep the program running. I’m sure the 4-pay plan will always be there, but there’s no word on how long the 8-pay plan will last.

Either way, for right now, helluva deal for those who need some gear and don’t want to mess around with credit cards!
[Edit: This program has now been closed. Hopefully they will open it back up soon, but they do still offer the 4-pay plans. ]

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