zZounds Offering 10 Payments On Limited Fender Gear For Limted Time

zZounds 10 Payment Example

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8 or 10 payment plan on selected Fender gear from zZounds.

zZounds 10 Payment Example
(10 Payment Example)

Get the gear now, Play as you pay.

I couldn’t believe it when zZounds came out with the temporary 8 payment plan a few months back. What a killer idea – getting great equipment to musicians on a payment schedule that actually fits into a gigging musician’s financial schedule!

zZounds has been doing the four payment plan forever, it seems – which makes a lot of gear four times more accessible to the average musician. Eight payments was even better – and now we’re talking ten!

How “Play as you pay” works

Basically the deal works the same way all the other zZounds payment plans work. It’s not a credit card, it’s basically just a one time line of credit with zZounds. There is still no paperwork, and approval is fast. For the 8 or 10 months it will take to pay off your purchase, there will be no interest charged.

All you have to do is figure out what you want, make the purchase, select the appropriate payment option, fill out a simple form, make the first payment, and your new gear is headed to your doorstep. They’ll automatically charge your credit card each month.

They’ve got a great web interface you can use whenever you’d like to  check your balance, or make an extra payment – or pay it off.

I’m sure you’ve seen the shifty computer sites who will send you a computer for less than $50 a month. Then you actually do the math and you realize that by the end of the two years you’re going to pay double what the computer is worth. Not the case with this deal. These are the same prices you’d get if you purchased the gear from zZounds upfront.

Fender guitars and gear are on the payment plan this time.

This time around, the folks at zZounds have limited your options to Fender gear. Nothing wrong with that. Shopping with a handicap can be fun. Especially when the handicap is offset by a deal that makes getting that Fender gear a little more realistic.

Some great deals:

  • How about a Fender 500 Watt PA for around $100 a month?
  • Selected American Standard Strats for $100 a month.
  • American Deluxe Telecaster – $170 a month.
  • Fender Vintage Reissue ’65 Deluxe amp – $100 a month.
  • Or how about a Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass for $100 a month?

The deals just keep coming. You can see more of what’s available by clicking here.

There is plenty to choose from, I think there is around 10 pages full of Fender guitars and gear – all available for 8-10 payments.

If you’ve been longing for that American Stratocaster, or ’65 Reissue Twin Reverb Amp, now might be the time to snap one up!

* I have used the zZound payment plans, and I can attest that it’s a real, simple deal with no strings. Hopefully they will keep this kind of thing up!

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